Alex Bonsanthy


My guidelines

All abstract is nice, but it should have a message.


For our society dominated by consumer stress and the stress of fulfilling the social media norms is art a place of relaxation through contemplation and meditation. The Social Media and AI intend to

automatize our tastes, our norms of beauty, our designs, our behaviour, our feelings. These two

modern tools are based on searching the past human experience, creating statistics and average

behaviours and elaborating following guidelines for the modern art:

  • Use forms and colours, that impressed most people up to know
  • Art is valued based on sales results
  • Increase the value of Art&Artists through marketing actions
  • Use Art for Marketing and Sales
  • Use bold statements with vibrant colours and harsh contrasts for ads

The individual handmade Art is stopping the stress of this trend, of this must. The spirit is free to create based on feelings and new ideas ignoring norms, trends and sales standards. Let’s call it Free Art.


Free Art is quite subjective. It is not dominated by the technology tools and is expressing the feeling and the view of the artist. It is not a photography of the reality it is a subjective interpretation. It is not based on evaluations of the past artworks it should create something new. The expression ‘Something New’ is the most important characteristic of the Free Art. It should give us the possibility to discover new aspects of the life and nature, to admire new colour combinations, to trigger our imagination.


In my artworks, I’m a fan of the Free Art. Geometry is the part of mathematics, that is describing in a rigorous way the natural lines and forms. Geometry is a method to abstract the forms and lines of the reality. Geometric Cubism is a more geometric emphasized cubism, keeping an artistic message. It should have a decorative function with a message of the view and feelings of the artist. The forms, lines and colours should create something new, that is impressing the spectator of the artwork. It should excite his imagination giving him the satisfaction of seeing something nice and worthful.

Some words about me

I’m a late disciple of Van Gogh and an unofficial bastard of Picasso. I like the impression of colours and forms in either realistic or abstract paintings. My artworks should transmit magic creative energy using expressive colours and forms. My own style is the Geometric Cubism.

I absolved a variety of studies and have several diplomas, certificates and even a PHD. Nothing relevant for my artist life. The old pleasure of my life is to paint. I participated at several international painting contests and was selected to art catalogues in England and Monaco. In 2021 I was selected to participate at the London Art Biennale.

Definition of Geometric Cubism (GC)

The message transmitted by the Geometric Cubism is of equilibrium between forms created by humans and nature. The beauty of the coloures should be an expression of the natural influence on artificial constructions. It should be a link between humanity and nature