Alexandru Balanescu


My guidelines

All abstract is nice, but it should have a message.


For example a message of coloure transmitting impressions like:

  • the coloures of sea shore, sand, sea waves, the warmth of sun
  • the coloures of spring, rebirth of nature can be expressed in coloures
  • the shadow and coolness of a forest can be described in coloures

There could be more examples but I think the necessity of a message in
the abstract painting should be sufficient described.

Some words about me

I’m a late disciple of Van Gogh and an unofficial bastard of Picasso. I like the impression of colours and forms in either realistic or abstract paintings. My artworks should transmit magic creative energy using expressive colours and forms. My own style is the Geometric Cubism.

I absolved a variety of studies and have several diplomas, certificates and even a PHD. Nothing relevant for my artist life. The new pleasure of my life is to paint. I take any free opportunity to create a new artwork, to discover a new style to submit joy of life.

Definition of Geometric Cubism (GC)

The message transmitted by the Geometric Cubism is of equilibrium between forms created by humans and nature. The beauty of the coloures should be an expression of the natural influence on artificial constructions. It should be a link between humanity and nature